Chef’s, Want A New Life in Australia?

A lot of Chefs want to go to Australia to start a new life far away from the bad weather and the bad economy. Thats why uniquely in our catering recruitment sector, and right from the beginning, we established a service to help those contemplating such moves. Now we’re upping it a notch or two further with the introduction of The TOPCHEFS Chefs to Australia Project. The short story: this is a chance to get a four year working visa and a job down under.

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What’s this TOPCHEFS Chefs to Australia Project and how can it help you? Fair question, read on…

TOPCHEFS Chefs to Australia Project

This project is designed to give TOPCHEFS candidates an unfair advantage in the race to get to Australia, get a chef job offer there and get a four year visa leading to permanent residency. Once you’ve made your mind up that you want to go then you’re going to want some help getting there and we’ve designed a package to do just that for you. This offer is open only to experienced and well trained chefs who are capable of taking charge of a kitchen and are committed to a long term, move. So if you want a year or so backpacking with an occasional bit of work for beer money then this certainly isn’t for you. On the other hand if you’re a serious culinary professional and have decided that the best route to prosperity and happiness lies down under then you should be talking to us now. If you have family you’d like to be with you, then we can help with that too.

This offer is open initially to holders of Irish or UK passports only. As we frequently work with Chefs from the continent we’ll be exploring options to extend this service to them too but in the initial stages we’re only in a position to help Irish and UK passport holders. If you’re seriously considering a new life in Australia then learn more about TOPCHEFS Chefs to Australia Project.